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Are your pumps an accident waiting to happen?

When it comes to recent safety certifications for pumps in hazardous areas, some manufactures are merely content with the latest Australian ANZex standard - while many have no certification al all. But the Zenit Group have higher standards, namely the IECEx International Standards.

Zenit Eco pumps exceed the new standard.
So can't be too careful in hazardous areas - which is any space where flammable liquids, vapours, gases or combustible dusts could occur in high quantities to cause a fire or even an explosion. There include:

 • car parks
 • truck stops
• vehicle workshops
• bus depots
• and garages

Could you be using an uncertified pump (and not even know it)?
Uncertified pumps are not only illegal, they're an  accident waiting to happen. So if you're caught without a certified pump, you could be risking power disconnection, pump removal, pump replacement, and even disciplinary action. It's easy to tell if your si certified, because the manufacturer or distributor will give you a 'Certificate Of Conformity' at the point of purchase.

Cut costs without cutting corners.
There's no need to pay more for internationally-compliant pumps. Our pumps deliver the utmost reliability, uncompromising quality and value for money. In fact, we stock the most extensive range of IECEx approved pumps in Australia.

So keep your standards high and your costs low by calling us on 1300 783 601 or fill in your details below and we will contact you.

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IECEx Certificate of Conformity 1 - Pumps
IECEx Certificate of Conformity 1 - Float

IECEx Certificate of Conformity Pump Notes

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