Model No.DescriptionList Price Excl GST
BIA-FSK110m Float 16A switch with HO5 Neoprene Cable$54.00
BIA-SK12(10M)10m Float switch 10A with HO5 Neoprene Cable$39.00
BIA-SK12(5M)5m Float switch 10A with HO5 Neoprene Cable$28.00
DAB-DSD2Lifting device Kit $370.00
ZEN-CABLE2G1Cable H07 RNF$12.00
ZEN-CABLE3G1Cable H07 RNF$8.00
ZEN-CABLE4G1.5Cable H07 RNF$10.00
ZEN-CABLE4G1.5+3G0.75Cable H07 RNF$20.00
ZEN-CABLE7G1.5+3G0.75Cable H07 RNF$33.00
ZEN-CF50VCoupling Device with Vertical Outlet$431.00
ZEN-CF65Coupling device with vertical outlet$605.00
ZEN-CF80Coupling device with vertical outlet$621.00
ZEN-CFBALL50VCoupling device C/W ball NRV and bleed, vertical outlet$580.00
ZEN-NRVBALL32Ball type Non-Return Valve$167.00
ZEN-NRVBALL40Ball type Non-Return Valve$207.00
ZEN-NRVBALL50Ball type Non-Return Valve$253.00
ZEN-NRVBALL65Ball type Non-Return Valve$371.00
ZEN-NRVBALL80Ball type Non-Return Valve$534.00
ZEN-NRVBALL100Ball Type Non-Return Valve$694.00
ZEN-NRVBALL150Ball Type Non-Return Valve$1,541.00
ZEN-PN16-2Flange 2" PN10$64.00
ZEN-PN16-2.5Flange 2-1/2" PN10$75.00
ZEN-PN16-3Flange 3" PN10$96.00
ZEN-PN16-4Flange 4” PN10-16$86.00

List prices are recommended and exclude GST. There is no obligation to comply with the recommended list. Freight charges will vary in each state contact your local dealer for pricing. Prices and specifications and performance are subject to change without notice.