AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT - Remote Status Indicator

Quick Overview

The coded signal, derived from micro processor, is conveyed through a low voltage, 2 wire connection and then decoded by the Remote Status Indicator. Once the signal is decoded the micro controller provides four outputs to Led's and a buzzer mounted on the circuit board. SINGLE- Conditions displayed include power on, high level, pump 1 fault and pump 2 fault. The indoor indicator is mounted on an attractive wall plate, which incorporates the four indicator lights, the buzzer and mute button. As soon as an alarm condition occurs at the pump station, the appropriate LED on the indicator is illuminated and the buzzer starts to sound. The buzzer will automatically silence after 5 minute. The buzzer can also be muted by the way of the mute button. The alarm light will remain illuminated until the fault condition is remieded. Wiring Two core communication cable Distance between the pump controller and RSI - up to 150 metres Kit includes: Mounting Plate, PCB, Plastic Bracket, Mounting screws.



Model No.DescriptionList Price Excl GST
ZEN-RSIRemote Status Indicator$220.00

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