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Providing advanced features of pump control and protection, minimises operator intervention, utilises microprocessor technology and mutliple fault detection. Option of either alternating pumps after each start or after a pump has run for a total time of 60 minutes. Programmable to operate pumps with built in float switches Smart Alarm System. Two wire data output that can be utilised to send information to either a remote status Indication or building management system. Interface (available as an optional extra). Suitable for pump ranges of 0.25 - 7.5Kw. 3 Phase & 0.25 -2.2kW Single Phase. The standard panel is full metal with the touch pad controls on the front face. Available is an option to have a full metal enclosure with all the controls behind a lockable door Dual pump Control 400x300x150mm Dual lockable pump control 400x400x200mm



Model No.DescriptionList Price Excl GST
ZEN-DPC3-AADual Pump Control 415V 1.6-1.5AMP Overload$980.00
ZEN-DPC3-ADual Pump Control 415V 2.5-4AMP Overload$980.00
ZEN-DPC3-BDual Pump Control 415V 4-6AMP Overload$980.00
ZEN-DPC3-BBDual Pump Control 415V 5.5-8AMP Overload$980.00
ZEN-DPC3-CDual Pump Control 415V 7-10AMP Overload$980.00
ZEN-DPC3-DDual Pump Control 415V 9-13AMP Overload$980.00
ZEN-DPC3-EDual Pump Control 415V 12-18AMP Overload$980.00
ZEN-DPC3-FDual Pump Control 415V 18-24AMP Overload$980.00
Option of Controls behind a Lockable Door$193.00

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