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The Auto/Off/Man push buttons on the front keypad select the pump mode Auto: The pump will operate via the float switch inputs Off: The pump remains off Manual: The pump will turn on regardless of the float switch inputs. The unit will only stay in manual mode for a maximum of 5 minutes before automatically reverting to off. Option of operating with 2 or 3 float switches. High level condition must be present for 5 minutes for high level alarm to be activated. Maximum runtime timer. Max indle timer. Upon an alarm condition the siren and strobe are both activated. After 5 minutees the siren will be switched off, however it will continue to make a short chirp once every 5 minutes. The standard panel is full metal with the touch pad controls on the front face. Available as an option to have full metal enclosure with all controls behidn the locakable door. Single Pump Control 400x300x150mm Single Lockable Pump Control 400x400x200mm



Model No.DescriptionList Price Excl GST
ZEN-SPC3-AASingle Pump Control 415V 1.6-2.5AMP Overload$837.00
ZEN-SPC3-ASingle Pump Control 415V 2.5-4AMP Overload$837.00
ZEN-SPC3-BSingle Pump Control 415V 4-6AMP Overload$837.00
ZEN-SPC3-BBSingle Pump Control 415V 5.5-8AMP Overload$837.00
ZEN-SPC3-CSingle Pump Control 415V 7-10AMP Overload$837.00
ZEN-SPC3-D0 Single Pump Control 415V 9-13AMP Overload$837.00
ZEN-SPC3-ESingle Pump Control 415V 12-18AMP Overload$837.00
ZEN-SPC3-FSingle Pump Control 415V 18-24AMP Overload$837.00
Option of Controls behind a Lockable Door$102.00

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