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Heavy duty cast iron submersible grinder pumps suitable for commerical applicationns. Grinding system can finely chop solids abd fibres, even under heavy duty conditions. This model has be resdesigned featuring new electrical and mechanical parameters to optimise efficency and reliability even under particular heavy duty opertating conditions. Features: . Pair of oblique ball bearings, are sized to guarantee 20,000 hours of operation . Two composite meechanical seals both located in oil sump pump . A special threaded bushing enables quick maintenance . Cable clamp with GAS thread, set up for cable ducting . 10m H07RN-F power cable . IP68 protection Note 1. Requires ZEN-23.331 Ring Stand for free standing operation 12 MONTH WARRANTY. MADE IN ITALY



Model No.DescriptionList Price Excl GST
ZEN-GRN250/2/G40HT1.8kW, 2.4hp 415V without float switch, max 27.5 m h, 360 l/m Note 1$0.00
ZEN-GRN300/2/G50HT2.2kW, 3.0hp 415V without float switch, max 32.0 m h, 360 l/m Note 1$0.00
ZEN-GRN400/2/G50HT3.0kW, 4.0hp 415V without float switch, max 35.5 m h, 360 l/m Note 1$0.00
ZEN-GRN550/2/G50HT4.1kW, 5.5hp 415V without float switch, max 46.2 m h, 360 l/m Note 1$0.00
ZENS9024.006RING STAND$0.00

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